Fatima Halwani

Fatima Halwani was born in 1985 in Lebanon. From childhood she was enthusiastic about the tailoring. At the age of six, she sewed clothes for her Barbie dolls. In their environment they have always been known for their graphic talent and knew how to skillfully implement their designs. Even her parents did not escape the extraordinary talent. Thus they support Fatima Halwani active in their desire, fashion designer werden.Um perfecting their craft and to acquire more knowledge, it was very early work in different areas of the fashion industry. At the presentation of its final collection at the CPD fashion fair in 2010 she enchanted the audience with their unique creations. Right after her graduation as a designer she has also opened its first showroom in her hometown of Bonn. They further specialized in the production of unique exquisite craftsmanship.

The passion that infected Fatima Halwani in their work, is reflected in their creations again. Each dress is made with great care. The fantasies are no limits. The first-class processing of unique with great attention to detail make Fatima Halwani to a luxury brand with ever increasing awareness. With multiple publications in well-known fashion magazines, it has already attracted international attention and continues to aim for with plenty of hard work and ambition to conquer the top of the fashion world.